The Solitaire Collection

Introducing our signature solitaire collection: a curation of Karina Noel's most coveted ring designs for the modern bride. This collection is a testament to the art of transformation, where tradition meets innovation to create something entirely unique. In each piece, you'll find the timelessness of traditional design infused with unexpected details. With each design tailored to your unique center stone and metal preference, you'll be wearing a one-of-a-kind heirloom entirely your own.

The Dea Ring

The Dea ring pays tribute to nature's beauty with whimsical organic curves that play with light and shadow. The lines leading up to the center stone highlight it from all angles, adding a unique twist to the classic solitaire ring design.

The Onda Ring

The Onda ring is our take on the split shank design with dual gold or platinum wires tracing the stone's edges, creating a double band that wraps around the finger. This ring is perfect for those seeking a bold look. Prong placement varies based on the center stone's shape.

The Unis Ring

The Unis ring embodies continuous form and flow as its slender band tapers out toward the apex, before branching into double prongs at cardinal points. It exposes the diamond from unexpected angles, and provides

The Venus Ring

The Venus ring features a single continuous metal band, with a center diamond cradled in an open bezel. Its defining "V" shape follows and showcases the diamond's pavilion. This ring merges soft and hard lines, making it the more modern & architectural design choice.

The Seraph Ring

In the Seraph ring, a substantial rounded gold bezel securely cradles the diamond, accentuating its brilliance and size. Below, a curving wave band adds grace and fluidity to create a dynamic design. This ring works beautifully with old european and old mine cut diamonds, as the reflective gold bezel mirrors the large pops of color of these stone types.